Specialty Gas Argon

Our meticulously designed argon gas solution is tailored for a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability. Ideal for use in air separation, chemical processing, and electronics manufacturing, our argon gas stands out for its exceptional quality and consistency.

Specialty Gas Helium

Our helium gas is engineered to meet the diverse needs of various sectors, including air separation, electronics, and the chemical industry. Known for its low density, non-reactivity, and excellent thermal conductivity, our helium gas is a versatile solution for a range of applications.

Specialty Gas Hydrogen

Our hydrogen gas is expertly produced to cater to the demanding requirements of various industries, including chemical, petrochemical, refining, and electronics. Renowned for its high energy content and reactivity, our hydrogen gas is an essential component for a multitude of applications, ranging from fuel cells to hydrogenation processes.

Specialty Gas Nitrogen

Our nitrogen gas is renowned for its purity and versatility, making it an indispensable resource in industries such as petrochemical, electronics, food packaging, and pharmaceuticals. Its inert nature and low reactivity make it ideal for processes where contamination prevention is crucial.

PSB Industries

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PSB Industries

1202 W 12th St. Erie, PA 16501

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