Particulate/Coalescing Filters

  • PSB Air and Gas filters are replaceable element design and efficiently remove contaminants including:

Entrained water aerosols

Entrained oil aerosols

Solid particulates

  • Coalescing (aka: Prefilters) are commonly located at inlet of desiccant/adsorbent beds. The coalescing action removes entrained liquids to protect the desiccant bed from being contaminated and overloaded.

  • Particulate (aka: Afterfilters) are commonly located at the exit of desiccant/adsorbent beds. The filter removes solid particles to protect downstream equipment.

Product Specs:

PSB offers a wide variety of Filter products meeting customer needs.

Filter housing standards

  • ASME code carbon steel and stainless steel
  • 200 MWP and higher available
  • 500 MWP, non-code, Aluminum housings, npt connections for low cost option

Filter element standards

  • Coalescing borosilicate glass media
    0.3 micron and larger removal
  • Particulate blended media
    0.9 micron and larger removal

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PSB Industries

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