Oxygen Removal from Carbon Dioxide

PSB designs and manufactures oxygen removal packaged skids for many industries. PSB employs precious metal catalyst operating at elevated temperatures. Oxygen removal is attained via hydrogen or natural gas injection. The major sources of O2
in CO2 are:

  • Direct Air capture: Carbon Dioxide from air is captured using sorbents/ minerals and the gas is typically contaminated with O2 and needs removal due to strict pipeline specs.NG engines or turbines become contaminated reducing efficiency
  • CO2-rich biogas off streams: CO2 gas coming off biogas upgrading systems like membranes/ PSA/ amine/ waterwash contains oxygen that needs removal prior to end use.

  • < 1.0 ppmv Exit O2 is possible!

Typical Product Specs:

Flow: 3 to 30 MMSCFD
Pressure: 100 to 700 psig
Exit O2: < 1 - 10 ppmv

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