Moisture Separators

PSB Air and Gas separators efficiently remove liquid water and oil using one or more of the following types:

Centrifugal Separator

  • Efficient down to 10 micron aerosols
  • No replacement of internals
  • Best for high gas flow/velocities

Demister / Mesh Separator

  • Efficiently removes down to 10 micron and options down to 0.3 micron aerosols
  • Internal mesh can be permanent or replaceable design
  • Most efficient at low gas flow/velocities
  • Excellent Turndown

Product Specs:

PSB offers a wide variety of SEPARATORS meeting customer needs.

Housing standards

  • ASME code carbon steel and stainless steel
  • 200 MWP and higher available
  • 635 MWP, non-code, npt connections for low flow applications


  • Full body flange for mesh pad replacement
  • Polypropylene mesh pad in acidic applications

PSB Industries

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PSB Industries

1202 W 12th St. Erie, PA 16501

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