Biogas (Landfill / Digester / Waste Water / Coal bed, etc.) is often contaminated with Oxygen
and this can make the gas unacceptable to the product pipeline owner. PSB Methane Deoxo and Dryer Skids are an ideal system for removing oxygen and moisture from the pretreated methane gas.

Each unit is conservatively sized to remove O2 and H2O and are designed based on the gas
composition, flow rate, temperature and pressure. An optional H2S guard bed will protect the catalyst vessel. The Oxygen is then removed from the methane gas stream through a catalytic reactor and excess heat is removed and then moisture removed with a dual tower desiccant dryer.

Typical concentration range of O2 inlet is 0.1% to 2.5% volume.

PSB’s Methane Deoxo will purify the stream to less than 0.1% or even less than 5 ppmv O2.

PSB’s Dual tower desiccant dryers remove moisture to less than 7 lb/MMSCF and more
typically less than 4 lb/MMSCF.

Contact PSB with your specific operating conditions.

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